———     WHO ARE WE     ———
  Established in ShenZhen, China in 2011, Rich Security Technology Corporation specializes in wireless smart home technology, ranging from DIY security and home automation to energy and health management systems. The company has grown exponentially over the last 8 years and expanded globally to accelerate product and business development efforts, including Shenzhen R&D and Sales & Marketing Center. Today, RICHSECU is the clear trendsetter in the Chinese home automation and DIY alarm industry, and one of the leading and innovative forces to be reckoned with in the international arena.
   Our main products include CCTV cameras and smart home control systems .Alarm systems  including different type of PIR Detectors, Indoor and Outdoor Digital PIR+MW Detectors, Intruder Alarm Control Panels, Photoelectric Beam Detectors, Glass Break Detectors, Vibration Detectors, Gas/Smoke/Heat Detectors and so on.
      In  order  to provide our global customers with high quality products, we  import products from Japan and Korea. Our factory is well equipped with advance production lines and all products must pass through rigorous quality control procedures before leaving our facilities.
      In  addition  to  our  advance  production  capabilities,  our R & D  team  has  a  wealth  of experience  in  the  CCTV and ALARM system. It is their responsibility to continually develop new products  that  meet  market  demands  and  improve existing products. As a result of placing emphasis  on  the  design,  quality,  functions,  and  cost effectiveness of every product, we enjoy a good  reputation  amongst customers. Our products have been exported to Germany, UK, Australia, Brazil, India, Canada, USA, and Malaysia.
      We strive to provide customers with excellent quality, competitive prices, prompt delivery, and first-class service. If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss an OEM order, please contact us with your detailed inquiries.
    It is our pleasure to have excellent staff in 'RICHSECU',to provide  good quality  and  high  reliability  products  to  our   customers.  The  theme  in Our products  series  is  to prevent  occurrence  of  crime  in  any  case.
   RICHSECU is always innovative and provide up-to-date technology to match with our customers' needs. To get  customer satisfaction is our major role.
Monitor the baby, monitor the thief, monitor the store, and take care of the parents
Easy to implement remote care, real-time monitoring to be your bodyguard
The unique cry alarm, the baby once sleepy and crying, the news first sent to parents' mobile phone