Product Detail
WIFI/GSM/GPRS smart alarm panel
WIFI/GSM/GPRS smart alarm panel
Model: 908C+
Type: panel
SPEC: 433/868Mhz

Smart home alarm system support 100 IP Cameras!TCP/IP cloud Wireless  WIFI/GPRS home security system

Function Introductio

Support SIA+Contact ID Ademco Protocol Work With Alarm Monitoring Central Station /Suppeort Amazon Alexa  for Voice Control

1.GSM/GPRS/ SMS+WiFi big LCD word menu home alarm system.

2.Android + IOS APP application easily control, easy to give authorization.

3.Free of alarm pushes through WiFi network.

When there is no WIFI, the host will work with GPRS network. If there is neither

WiFi nor GPRS network, then the alarm host will send SMS alerts.

4.Work with IP camera, the IP camera APP embeds in the host APP.

Users can monitor what happen at home wherever and whenever.

5.Workable with 100pcs smart socket/wireless relay outputs to control simple

home appliances. Relay outputs name and sockets name can be revised by users.

6. 8 scene settings and 20 linkage settings.

Advanced home automation functions for perfect smart home life.

7.Workable with RFID wireless keypad.

8.20s Leaving message remotely in APP.

9.Information push promptly when AC power lost or recovered or detectors in low


10.Smart zone function: self-checking windows/doors status when away arm host.

11.100wireless defense zones, 8 wired defense zones , zone names can be revised

by users.

12.Support ”ding dong” doorbell function.

13.Can store 6 alarm call phone No.+2 alarm SMS phone No.

14.Support three zone types: 24H line, 1 line, 2 line.

15.Arm/alarm Delay for each defense zone. Timed arm/disarm function.

16.Built-in rechargeable battery.

17.The host supports monitoring and two-way intercom function."